The Econophysics Network (EN) has been created in September 2016 and it is coordinated by Christophe Schinckus (Department of Economics and Finance, RMIT Vietnam) and Tiziana Di Matteo (Department of Mathematics, King’s College London). The EN aims at favouring the discussion and exchange of ideas on all themes related to Econophysics by stimulating debates across disciplinary boundaries. In this perspective, the EN invites its members to go beyond the scope of usual disciplines by promoting an interdisciplinary research whose objective is to surpass the usual identities defence embedded in disciplinary constraints.

The EN is facilitating interactions between researchers and stakeholders through a series of activities including organization of conferences, workshops, seminars and networking activities.


Professor Christophe Schinckus, Department of Economics and Finance, RMIT Vietnam

Professor Tiziana Di Matteo, Department of Mathematics, King’s College, UK

Dr Franck Jovanovic, School of Management, Tele-University, Canada